Want to build your own website but don't know coding?

No on knows how to speak to your potential clients better than you. No one knows the feel and branding of your business better than you. And no one is as motivated to get your content on your website as strongly as you are. So why waste time and money hiring someone to do what you can do for yourself in a matter of minutes?

  • Created by a professional designer of 18 years
  • Made for newbies (button-for-button on-screen)
  • Drag-and-drop program
  • Guidance on what every effective, modern website needs
  • A plan to market website after it's built to grow your brand

“Prior to the courses, I’d post something and hope someone would notice it, but K.M. taught me how to make it so they HAD to notice and felt inclined to engage with me. Now I’m told they love me and my brand"  

Elissa Carr, candle maker

“I took K.M.’s training after spending way too long trying to decide whether it would be useful for me, and I just wish I’d taken it sooner! I hugely underestimated what you can do, and am buzzing with ideas after the training. The teaching was clear and easy to follow, and covered even more than I hoped it would. I’d really recommend the class.” 

Helena Rookwood, author

Module 1: Most Important Part of a Business Website

You need to know the main sections of an effective website and what you absolutely have to have on your site for your potential clients to build trust with your brand, including the things you are legally mandated to have on your website if you have a website or own a business of any kind.

Module 2: Modern Website Layouts

Don't get caught creating a template website that looks like it's from 2002. The look of your website matters and directly contributes to clients willingness to work with you. Here's how to avoid common pitfalls in your design.

Module 3: Drag-and-Drop Program to Build Site

It's time to set up your program so that you have all the functions and features you need to build your site.

Module 4: Designing Your Site

Let's build your site together! Follow what I'm doing on screen!

Module 5: Site Updates and Management

You're going to need to know about your site management—so here's everything you need to know about how often update the contention on your site, how often you should be doing website makeover/rebrands, and how to make simple tweaks to keep your website top-of-the-line.

Module 6: How To Market Your Website

Now that your website is finished and out in the world, you need to get eyes on it. But how do you get your potential clients checkout all the work you did to build an amazing site? I'm breaking down the marketing side of things so you can drive traffic to your site!

"K.M.'s course has not only opened my eyes to great ways I’ve been wanting to make my branding more dynamic, but also in new and fun ways I hadn’t ever dreamed of before. Highly recommend.” 

Courtney Sloane, author

“K.M. really challenged me to think about pulling my ideas and books together into a real, authentic and resonant author brand. I feel like my marketing is now happening within a wider brand framework, with consistency and visual power.”

S.D. Wasley, author


As a web designer, pricing for brand websites with me starts at an absolute minimum of $1000 for a basic website to cover my time, knowledge, and expertise. Now you can create your own website that can me updated at any time for half that—get the course for only $499 founders' rate TODAY!