Learn to automate your Facebook Page and save hours and hours of work while simultaneously giving value to your fans

BOTS FOR BOSSES Training for Facebook Bots Course 

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We'll create your exclusive freebie, set up your bot, equip you to market your Facebook page, and grow your subscriber list so it's almost as valuable as your newsletter list during this interactive click-for-click training.

This LIVE TRAINING Will Show You How to...

  •  Set up a bot on your Facebook Page
  •  Deliver an exclusive freebie to your fans through a bot on Facebook
  •  How to use these skills to create quizes, games, and other interactive dialogue on your Page
  •  Set up your Page to be as valuable as your newsletter 

What Are Bots?

Bots are kind of like robots working behind the scenes of your Facebook page to act kind of like a virtual assistant (they're cheaper than a VA, too!) These bots do the heavy lifting for you on your Page in terms of handling your messages. You can automate your bot once and stay relatively hands off unless someone needs extra attention.

Why Are Bots Important?

Bots free up your time. Once you automate them, you just need to check in from time to time-if you've set them up well, they won't need you. Bots can handle fan questions, devlier freebies, be used to create games and choose-your-own-adventures. You can create quizes, gather info from your fans, AND you can use them to update your people in the same way you do through your newsletter.

What Do I Need In Order To Do This Training?

We will be using a free platform to set up your bot. There are paid upgrades, but everything we will be doing can be done in the free part of this bot program, so you don't need to invest in anything other than this live training. 

Once you save your seat, I will be sending you a welcome guide with everything you need to do to get ready for the training. I will equip you to have an exclusive freebie ready to give out to your fans before the training (it's super easy to do and your fans will flip with joy) and I will help you get set up before we launch into the training where I'll show you click-for-click what to do to deliver this automatically to your fans and get them subscribed on your list.

Why Is This Important?

We know social media can vanish at any time, so we invest the biggest chunk of our time into growing our newsletter lists (that can never be taken from us or limited) but that doesn't mean we shouldn't focus on growing our social media too.

We know with the algorithms cutting our organic reach, it's more important than ever to find ways to get in front of our fans. By getting subscribers to our Messenger, we have the opportunity to never be missed by our fans because the messages (called broadcasts) that we send out always show up in their inbox...no possibility for being missed unless they chose not to open your message.

Is This All I Can Do With Bots?

Heck no! I'm teaching you one very specific thing to get people to subscribe to your Facebook Page, but these concepts and principles can be used over and over again to create communications, more freebies, freebies you can automatically give out to fans while you are on air during live broadcasts, games, quizes, collect fan info, and inform them of new and awesome things you're doing in your author brand. You can even use it to invite them to parties and events! Same buttons...same concept...over and over again.

Creativity is your friend here, my friend!

Since the last training, new features have been added to the platform, including the ability to create and use templates!

Okay, I'm ready. What's the next step? 

Grab the course! In the training, I'm giving you everything you need to know to set up that freebie to get people to subscribe to your Page, set up your bot to deliever it, and marketing tips for getting fans to notice it (+ other ideas for using this bot!) When you walk away, you will be ready to go out there and handle your bot on your own.

Get bonuses + updated videos when the platforms update so you're always on top of your game with your bots!

I'll see you inside the live training!